Two-Meter Operations

Four-Forty Operations

Home of the W9QN 442.950 repeater system. No pl.

This is an open repeater and available for all to use.

The KN9OX repeater is on 145.410 with a PL of 131.8.

This is the KN9OX Repeater Association's new repeater.

Yaesu DR-1X Digital Repeater

It is set in Auto/Auto. Runs both Digital and Analog FM.


Repeater Rules for the KN9OX Repeater.

The 442.950 repeater is up and running at its permanent location.

Tom, W9QN says that the repeater is running 25 watts with the antenna at 75 feet. It also has battery back-up for emergency use.

440 is alive. It is just under used. Get on there and talk to somebody.