More Great Links LaPorte County Ampcarcateur Radio Club web site. Porter County Amateur Radio Club. A great 2 meter SSB antenna project that is easy to build. THE N4UJW ANTENNA DESIGN LAB. Your Ham Radio Universe of fun and information for amateur (ham) radio.

A 12 Volt Standby Power System This is a PDF file. Very interesting.

Hamstick Dipole Antenna (Va RACES) This is a PDF file. This is an easy project.

Kentucky Scanner Law This is a PDF file.

SAR Technical Services, Inc. Amateur Radio Repair Service

Batteries America - A supply for Ham radio batteries.

Antenna Articles - Collection of short articles relating to all manners of antennas. is a community web site for amateur (ham) radio operators around the world.

A New Article is now on-line contributed by Levi. "Why we are called Hams". 10-10 International for those that like 10 meters. Qsl Cards anyone can afford. Emission Designations. Other Radio Services FRS - MURS - GMRS. Current wwv+ propagation.   Propagation summary site. Greyline propagation. NW7US Super-site. Ionospheric HF Radio Propagation Theory in a Nutshell By Rick Johnson, AE3C Amateur Radio Emergency Service Official Emergency Stations A Site for On Line DX Manager info, RTTY interface, On Line IOTA / IIA Log search and more. An excellent site with info on antennas, radios, and a look at his 300 foot tower system. An excellent article on Balums and wire antennas. A good antenna article. Must read! Coax Loss Table

The Basic Electronics Soldering & Desoldering Guide How to solder - types of iron - desoldering - troubleshooting.

Amateur Radio Emergency Service Call Out Kits Material you will need to be on-the-go during an emergency.

Northern Indiana radar site loop Weather Radar Site Weather Radar Site

Warning Read this if you are thinking about building and using a multi-band wire antenna -

Koch CW Trainer Version 8 Tony, W9AL says that this cw practice program is a good one. VHF Propagation maps Hugh suggests checking out these two sites. Go here for those working HF and want to get some great awards for contacts made. Amateur Radio Vendor Listing A site for different wiring plans for microphones.  41 Projects and Education Whitley County Amateur Radio Club Green Bay Professional Packet Radio

RFI-Ham.pdf A Ham's Guide to RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, and Audio Interfacing by Jim Brown K9YC KC9NFD says this is a humorous Ham radio site.

WO0P recommends this repair shop only 80 miles west of here. Interesting Ohm's Law simulations on this web site. i.e. electric field hockey.

WA9NGO recommends this modification page for mods on radio and other amateur radio products.